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Entry #1


2007-07-17 17:50:49 by Cally

I'm loving these new tools, I really am. I can see the resemblence to many different sites, of course, like being able to customise so much is reminiscent of Myspace or Bebo. This blog-like tool I'm using right now to make this post - it's like your own personal forum almost, just waiting for someone to come along and abuse it...
Ah well. For those who were looking for the old (now unofficial) Newgrounds chatroom, it can be found on irc

Similarly, the Radiogrounds chatroom (for those with mIRC) can be found:
/join #radiogrounds

I'll probably use this handy new tool to inform folk of Radiogrounds live shows... *ponders*... Yeah, that might work.
Ciao for now.


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2007-07-23 12:30:35

I was looking for the direct link to the RG chatroom, had lost it, cheers

Cally responds:

No probs, I figured it would be useful information :)


2007-08-04 09:48:55

Unofficial chat: sealin fates for life